ShipStation Plugin Updated to v1.09 with NopCommerce 4.10 Support

Monday, September 10, 2018

1)      We have only updated new features back to version 3.60.  If you are using an older version than 3.60 please email us and we will provide an update to the version your using

2)      All string resources have been re-done to allow for easy upgrades.  The first time you enter configuration for the plugin your Nop Log will show missing string resources.  You can disregard these errors.  Once you enter the configuration screen you won’t see these errors in the Nop log after.

3)      Removed Option “SSL” which wasn’t needed.  ShipWorks url will be http or https depending on your NopCommerce url

5)      Added Support for NopCommerce version 4.10

6)      Added Option “Use SubTotal Discount Including Tax” – When discounts are set to use SubTotal Discount Including Tax the Discount line will use this value instead of the order discount value

7)      Added Option “Send Canceled Orders” – If an order in canceled in NopCommerce the order will be re-sent to ShipWorks and will show as canceled.

8)      Added Option “Keep Settings When Uninstalled” – If checked when you uninstall the plugin your settings will not be deleted.

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